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Jalie Men & Boys Easy Sewing Pattern 3669 Niko Raglan Tees

The Jalie Men & Boys Easy Sewing Pattern 3669 Niko Raglan Tees sewing pattern is a great go-to for your basic t-shirt with some style, and is available in both paper or PDF format.

I personally like the PDF format as it has layers within the PDF you can select, one layer per size so you only print out what size pattern you want! I wish more pattern makers adopted this for their PDF versions.

Paper has its benefits as you can use your examination paper to just trace the size you need.

This pattern is easy to follow, quick to sew, and who doesn’t wear t-shirts? All you’ll need is some knit fabric, stretch sewing machine needles, a sewing machine with a stretch stitch, scissors and something to mark the pattern with and some thread.

Jalie has some video tutorials that will help you with the basics I’ve linked below. While the tutorials aren’t for this specific pattern they give you the nuts and bolts as it were on how to put a t-shirt together and how to work with knit fabrics.

If you’re interested, I can put a tutorial together for this specific pattern, just let me know in the comments.

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