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Jalie 2918 – Men’s T-Shirts

This has to be one of the easiest t-shirt patterns to throw together. No serger is required, however you will need a machine that can do a stretch stitch and zig-zag stitches at the very least, so your straight stitcher is machina non grata for this pattern.

You will also need a jersey or stretch needle(s) for this project as regular sewing needles will shred your knit fabric. You may also want to use twin needles for that ready to wear finished look but they aren’t necessary, totally up to you.

The hardest thing in this pattern is to figure out the US size, since we are pretty used to the S, M, L, etc sizes when shopping for ready to wear clothing. You’re going to have to break out your tape measure, and my advice is to measure out your thickest part, be it chest, waist or hips, and whichever part is your widest use that to gauge the corresponding size in the instructions.

Fabric, the most you’re going to need is 1 3/8 yards of knit fabric to make the largest crew neck t-shirt. If you’re on the fence about sizes, get enough fabric to make a few, it won’t break the bank and practice makes perfect right? Also don’t forget to get some complimentary sewing thread or contrasting if you want the stitch work to stand out.

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