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Instant Pot – Eggs

I love machines, they save you time, energy and effort. One of my favorite machines is the Instant Pot. I’ve had my Instant Pot LUX60 6 quart machine for several years now. I purchased it on sale near a major Holiday for around 50 bucks. I love that it saves you time and, for me, helps me prepare meals that don’t suck too bad because I just don’t have the cooking skills.

Eggs are the one thing that don’t cook the same at altitude, and I’m above Denver so they really don’t do well. You have to cook things longer and wind up with the dark, hard yolks. There’s also the problem with peeling, it is a pain. Enter the Instant Pot, simply add a cup of water, place your eggs on the included trivet, and set to steam for 9 minutes (my preference), quick release then let the eggs sit in ice or ice cold water for 20 minutes and they’ll come out deviled egg ready and peel easier than any method I’ve ever used. If I want egg salad, which is often, I go this route.

I used to use another method, boil the hell out of the eggs in a pan of water with a tablespoon of baking soda (to lower the pH of the water) to make the eggs easier to peel, and it worked, but took forever and gave inconsistent results. Nothing cooks or bakes the same at altitude but adding pressure helps with a lot of things.

I have the older, probably first generation model and it doesn’t have the eggs setting the newest generation does but I’ve no complaints. There are other, fancier models out there but if you go with their base model, you won’t be dissatisfied, it does the job. Cleanup is easy, the heavy duty stainless steel inner pot still has its mirror finish, and I’m not exactly delicate with cookware.

Here’s a video tutorial from Indigo Nili for those interested. The poster uses farm fresh eggs and I appreciate how hard those used to be to peel. Bonus, get a recipe for baby food. I’ll admit, I’m jealous she’s got the model where you can hold the pot lid in the handle.

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